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Floating vinyl plank floors

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Floating or floating floors are mainly used to hide systems that must remain accessible for maintenance, or to avoid contact with particularly damp substrates.

On the market there are different types, from those a few cm high to those that even allow access under the floor. Both are made up of a steel structure on which modules of various materials and with different finishes (concrete effect, wood effect, stone effect) can be placed, among which vinyl certainly stands out for its ability to absorb vibrations and make the quietest floor. The prices range from 60 euro / sq m of outdoor solutions to 80 euro / sq m of floating floors for indoor use best vinyl plank flooring in Prattville, AL.

The wood-effect vinyl floor

Wood-effect floors are widely used in commercial construction but, for some years now, they have also been proposed by designers for homes. On the market they are found in the form of planks that faithfully reproduce the different wood types of parquet, including particular finishes such as whitening and brushing.

Unlike some wooden floors, they are not sensitive to moisture and can also be used in the bathroom . Furthermore, unlike other wood-effect floors such as porcelain stoneware, they give a warm feeling to the touch.

Prices vary according to the type of installation, from 20 euros / m2 for self-adhesive vinyl parquet up to 38-40 euros / m2 for interlocking floors.


The type of floor chosen for the finishing of an environment has a decisive weight in the final result of a construction or renovation. For this reason, the aspects that cannot be neglected in the decision are: the aesthetic one : different textures, colors and combinations correspond to very different yields;

the practical one : the timing required for installation and subsequent daily maintenance vary from floor to floor;

the economic one : for the impact on the budget and the possibility of accessing tax bonuses.

The laminate and vinyl floors present on the market today are the result of experiments that have resulted in new finishes, similar to wood, stone, porcelain and other precious materials, from which they maintain reflections and beauty.