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 Since August 2008, when the world famous Satoshi Nakamoto White Paper was first released as a link to a Cryptography Mailing List, adventurous venture capitalists as well as some who belong to the Shadow World, have been desperately trying to acquire this precious virtual commodity. It is called “Mining”, but it is anything but inanimate. Wresting BITCOIN from the mother lode by the straight method of direct mining, has been shown to be, if not impossible, but actually not worth doing. Running “Antminer” continuously for a year on a dedicated computer can earn just 0.85 BITCOIN, whereas the cost is truly heavy. The electrical power expended exceeded 15,000 KwH (Kilowatt Hour) , and the minimum cost of this quantity of energy is at least US$ 600 , at just 3 cents per Unit (KwH), which is probably the lowest rate of charge in the whole World. So the straight method of acquiring BITCOIN by self mining, is not really feasible. The best method may be that of hiring Professional Miners with their powerful dedicated computers and their special in house developed software (with of course their focused knowledge and experience) .  But this method needs investment. The Miners must be paid . In a competitive environment, the input financing may be quite heavy. There is really only one more alternative left. Strange as it may sound, it is to acquire free bitcoin. There is a system for this, where the FREE Virtual Money is available, by exchanging a range of services needed by the Owner for BITCOIN .