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Take a glance at Bitcoin Faucet

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When you are a bitcoin user then you would have known about what is bitcoin faucet. If you are new to this concept then it is must that you should know about it, though many people are not familiar with this topic. A bitcoin faucet is a website that offers you to claim bitcoins without any cost just by clicking it and you can come across thousands of faucets out there on the web that provide free bitcoins to their visitors.

bitcoin faucetDespite that they provide free crypto currencies, the amount of bitcoins you get is extremely small and it changes from a few satoshis, where the value of a satoshi is a one hundred millionth of a single bitcoin. As said earlier a bitcoin faucet is an application or website that provides small amount of bitcoins in the form of satoshis. These reward prices are not fixed on most of the websites and its value relies on number of claims that are made by visitors of a specific website.

A question may arise in your mind that how they will provide you with bitcoins and all you have to get them is you have to enter characters shown in captcha and then press on a button to claim and receive bitcoins. You should have a bitcoin wallet or e-wallet which is an application in order to get these crypto currencies and you have to download this software in any of your device say mobile phones or personal computer. By offering your wallet address or public address, they will send the earned bitcoins.