All about Angry Crab Shack

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What you are expecting of the name is clearly what you’ll find there, some delicious and with the right spice Sea food experience that you’ll miss if you don’t go here at Angry Crab Shack with the name, I suggest you’ll never be angry once you leave this shack.

Cajun seafood restaurant in East Tucson. Every seafood enthusiast will find something they enjoy at Angry Crab Shack Broadway Blvd because to its incredible flavour.


You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking for the best crab in a bag with a special twist. You can personalise Angry Crab Shack Broadway Blvd. to suit your tastes.

About Angry Crab Shack

Former NFL player Ron Lou played four seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles before moving on to the Houston Oilers. He developed five distinct restaurant concepts over the course of the following 35 years, including a breakfast concept, a sports bar, and three different Chinese eateries. Lou set out to develop something special, not simply another wing, burger, or pizza joint, since he was ready for another success.

Lou opened Angry Crab Shack in Mesa, Arizona, in 2013, fusing his understanding of shellfish with the strong tastes of Asian cuisine. The family-friendly neighbourhood eatery Angry Crab Shack provides high-quality seafood at a more reasonable price in a lively, memorable dining setting.

Building a family culture and a giving mindset for his staff was a top objective for Lou when he set his sights on growing Angry Crab Shack. The dedication of Angry Crab Shack to the neighbourhood has expanded along with the number of stores. The core mission of Angry Crab Shack is to support local organisations, raise money for our troops and first responders, and give to those in need.

Seafood fans from near and far may now travel to the Angry Crab Shack to enjoy the extensive cuisine, first-rate service, and genuine hospitality in a one-of-a-kind setting.

Nobody wants to shell out a lot of cash to enjoy delicious seafood. See their suggestions for their supper menu on their website angrycrabshack.