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Successful selection of an ERP provider is a key and necessary, but not sufficient, decision to ensure the success of such a project. The software of these characteristics, correctly implemented, is very likely to help you improve the competitiveness of your business, as it guarantees comprehensive management of your processes and an increase in productivity. Also, the amount of high-quality interrelated data and its consistency facilitates the decision-making process.

Characteristics of an ERP provider to ensure success

As they say, every company is a world, and there are no equal recipes for everyone. However, knowing our strengths and weaknesses, our objectives, etc …, we must analyze those characteristics that we think can guarantee a relationship as long as possible with a technological partner. This can be a good starting point.

The approach that we are going to expose, in this first post of two that make up the saga, exclusively contemplates the characteristics of the services provided by the suppliers, apart from the selected management program. Therefore it is not, in any case, to establish criteria for selecting a management software, but the provider to choose.

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Given the heterogeneity of the possible characteristics, it is necessary to classify them according to different criteria, so that in the end each one puts on a balance the pros and cons of those that he considers more related to his organization. Number of erp software singapore

Relationship of the supplier with the ownership of the licenses to use the software.

 This feature is important because it determines the possibility that the software provider can access the source code of the application to modify its functionality and adapt it to the needs of the company. Although in theory, the possibility of accessing the source code is a positive feature, we have to keep in mind that it does not always guarantee the final result. By this criterion we can highlight the following situations: