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Ecommerce focus on metrics and KPI’s

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When you hire an ecommerce agency they provide lot many services to your company other than technical expert advice. They can start helping you from scratch which means start-up business, building your eCommerce website. Not only building but they will also help in advertising the website. There are several online ecommerce marketing agency toronto whom you can ask for promoting your company brand online. They also make sure that your website is always up to date along with the entire above thing they also focus on your metrics and KPI’s. Each business will have different metrics and KPI’s, let us see some of the core metrics and KPI’s which your agency should track.

  • Website traffic rate: Any business would like to recognize the traffic sources which will increase your money, the sources which will be expensive for you, and also the sources which may lead to increase exchange rates quickly. If your source can attract qualified customers then that means the source is good for you. Make sure that your agencies use CRO procedures as they will help to increase your traffic with lesser cost than within less time.
  • Email options: In industries still email is one of the strongest marketing channels. This is the best way where you can make media your own. If you have to make your revenue and cash flow stable your agency should email as one of the marketing channels.
  • Sales conversion rates: One of the important factors which need to be captured by the agencies. The agencies should be able to increase the conversion rate every year. They should make sure to capture even the micro and macro exchange rates.
  • Average order value: this factor tracks the average amount spent by each customer when they are buying a product online. The agencies should be able to help you to increase the average order value in some time. They should have all the tactics which can help you to improve the order value.
  • Return rates: It is the toughest job for any eCommerce agency the reason is that most of the people who buy products online return at least some percentage. For example, if a person wants to buy a dress but is not sure this will suit them best. Then they order two to three dresses and keep the best for them and return the other two. The agencies should be able to help you to reduce the return rates.


Hope this information will help you to finalize you core metric and KPI’s.