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Postcard Direct Mailing is a method of sending postcards to many people. One factor you may overlook is the quality of the stock you intend to use; it must be able to maintain its shape during shipping and handling. You should be concerned if you receive a cheap bit of paper in the mail with one’s name on it.

They comprehend that long-term accomplishment is more important than short-term revenues because we are a local family-owned business. With the direct mail in Asheville, NC area, they provide the highest quality postcard printing, the much more targeted mailing lists, and the most accurate address printing services. They also offer direct mail marketing with brochures, flyers, and EDDM postcard marketing. They can assist you in reaching out to a specific market or blanketing your local area.

Delivery of Bulk Direct Mail

They drive straight to the local Distribution Hub, unlike national mail companies. This allows the same Post Office to produce everything up to seven days faster and makes it easier to predict. They eliminate as much of the middleman as possible, so we know that the mail arrived at the distribution center on time and in one piece. The postal system is impressive in and of itself; it does have a lot more room for human error, but it handles almost everything flawlessly.

How is it useful for other businesses?

Which could be anything from a special offer to announcing the opening of your business or the introduction of a new product or service. If you’re opening a new restaurant in Asheville and want to get the word out, sending out menu items to all of the central neighborhoods in the area is arguably the most effective way to do so. EDDM is great because it allows you to target a person based on postal code, neighborhoods, and census data such as age, income, and household size, targeting their most important viewers. Please contact direct mailin Asheville, NC, to discuss specifics and obtain additional information.