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Katong is a highly acclaimed residential neighborhood of Singapore. It has quiet and green tree lined streets with traditional heritage Peranakan buildings that are some of the most decorative in Super City Singapore. While the properties are in the top price bracket, they are also some of the most picturesque. These houses are interspersed with numerous lovely Cafes, for which Katong is justly famous. For the Visitor, visiting a Katong Café is a MUST.

Cafes of Beauty

Located on the Eastern side of Singapore Island, Katong Cafes are famous not just for their delicious Laksa Noodles but also for their exotic variations of well-known international dishes. For example, their Hottodoggu is a Japanese variant of the traditional American Hotdog but served with Bonito Flakes, Pickled Onions and Japanese Mayonnaise instead of Mustard and Ketchup. Some famous Katong Café outlets are ‘Avenue Café’, ‘Ninethirty By AwfullyChocolate’, ‘Carry On’ and ‘Bread and Hearth’.


The SINPOPO brand actually started as a grocery group, but is now justly famous for its wonderful Bistros and Cafes in Katong and elsewhere. Vast ranges of food are served at these eateries, which serve unforgettable Peranakan dishes as well as fantastic international menus. Lineup of tourists are seen for these SINPOPO Cafes which highlight the culture of Peranakan Nonya and the Baba Communities of Singapore.

Dine in Style

Katong Cafes allow not just visitors but Singaporeans to immerse themselves in ancient Singaporean culture while they dine in style. The menu is international as well as traditional and satisfies all palettes.