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Muscle contraction or  “crossed nerve”?: one of the false myths of physiotherapy

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Too often we hear from patients who turn to a physiotherapist or a doctor reporting cervical pain (but not only), that on the neck and trapezius muscles they feel a specific sensation, that of a “crossed nerve”: “Doctor, it makes me bad here, it’s like a nerve is crossed”. Having to describe the manual massage technique and present its benefits in reducing tension on the cervical muscles , it is necessary to make an important clarification, dispelling one of the most deeply rooted false myths about physiotherapy massage near me in Dallas, TX

In modern Western medicine, on the other hand, massage has taken on a completely secondary role, in favor of the ever-increasing use of drugs. However, holistic massage treatments carried out in beauty or spa centers have become widespread to promote a sense of well-being and general psycho-physical relaxation, in subjects who are often not affected by any pathology. This form must necessarily be differentiated from therapeutic massage techniques used in health professions such as physiotherapy, where

massage therapy is usually practiced as a component of a global therapeutic protocol, associated with instrumental therapies. This type ofmassage , implemented by expert personnel (physiotherapists, massophysiotherapists and rehabilitators) is indicated in those who show signs and symptoms of painful conditions such as neck pain , with certified serious causes and differs from holistic massage in depth and intensity of action.

First of all, it should be noted that it is a manual type of treatment for which it must be considered that there is no single execution protocol, but much depends on the contribution of the individual operator, to whom the patient will have to rely completely, abandoning himself to his hands. It is the operator who must be able to put the person at ease, briefly explaining the work he is going to perform.

Initially, an initial assessment of the subject’s muscle condition, the symptoms suffered and the presence of any contraindications to the massage will be carried out; the operator will take care of the choice of the product that he considers most suitable for the execution of the massage therapy treatment and finally to favor the total relaxation of the patient before proceeding.