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Recommended Alternative Music of All Time

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Favorite choice by most listeners

The influence of alternative music started a long time ago in the year 1965. Since then, there are quite a lot of bands performed in this category. Some of them appear in one booming song and then disappeared. But some of them keep creating their best alternative songs until this moment. The list in this article selected from the alternative music blog with the broad review. Most of them show as a favorite choice by most of the listeners.

Nirvana Band

This is an American alternative rock band formed in Aberdeen on the year 1987. Kurt Cobain, the lead vocalist, has shown his capability in releasing a famous song “Smells Like Teen Spirit” which harvest an enormous success. The band has sold their record for over 25 million in the US and 75 million records worldwide. This shows a remarkable result ever by an alternative rock band.

Linkin Park

The history of this band has published on many articles in alternative music blog. After few years following Kurt Cobain died in 1994, in 1996 the Linkin Park band was founded in America. The teams were coming from California and made their debut on the Hybrid Theory album in the year 2000. Then in 2003, this band released their next album “Meteora” that bring another success in Billboard history. For that such a great performance, this band has won two Grammy Awards and sold more than 70 million records worldwide.

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Green Day

This band formed in 1986 with a punk rock and alternative rock style. Their famous albums have won five Grammy Awards, like Dookie, American Idiot, Boulevard of Broken Dream, and 21st Century Breakdown. Their songs spread in the entire world which sold over 85 million records.


This is a British alternative rock band formed in 1996 in London, UK. Amazingly, this band has won 85 awards coming through 252 nominations. Their first album “Parachutes” has made a debut in 2000 in the UK Singles Chart. Up to this moment, this band still active to produce many great songs in their last album “A Head Full of Dreams”. They did collaborate with many famous musicians such as The Chainsmokers in “Something Just Like This” which make a great success not only in the British land but also in the entire world.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

The next recommended alternative funk rock band, Red Hot Chili Peppers, formed in 1983, which is the oldest among the aforementioned bands. The first debut title released in 1991 “Give It Away” becomes their first biggest achievement which won a Grammy Award in 1992. Later on, they released Californication as their fantastic alternative songs following by “Hey You”.