Interesting facts about bitcoin conversion

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Over the last few years, popularity of bitcoin has increased quite steadily. Casually termed as the “mysterious money of the internet”, bitcoin is no more a mystery these days. People generously invest in purchasing bitcoins, as it gives a good trading opportunity. You can become wealthy over a short time span with investment in bitcoins. However, trading is a strategic thing. You should be meticulous and smart with your approach for trading. Nevertheless, it is important to enhance knowledge or insight on bitcoin so that you can become a good trader. Traders should also know how to convert btc to rub. In the following section, we shall discuss a few interesting facts on this crypto currency.

Mysterious Inventor

Inventor of bitcoin is still unknown. Since its inception, many speculations are there regarding inventor of this crypto currency. Few years earlier, Satoshi Nakamoto had made bitcoin white paper public. However, identity of “Satoshi” is a mystery till today. Craig Wright, an Australian entrepreneur, claimed a few years earlier that he had invented bitcoin. However, he had not provided substantial evidence behind his claim. So, mystery is still unsolved. In fact, with such claims, mystery has even more thickened now.

Irreversible Transaction

It is not easy to trace your bitcoin transactions by others, as your name or identity will not be available in public domain. Bitcoin blockchain is basically a permanent ledger, which holds immense transparency. Once a transaction has been done, it will not be changed or edited. It cannot be removed by any means on the blockchain. As a result, transaction becomes irreversible. It adds excellent security. Hackers cannot destroy data on blockchain.

Thousands of Exchanges

For stock market or share market trading, we have noted availability of one official exchange in a country or region. But, bitcoin traders will find plenty of exchanges. Many web platforms are there, offering excellent bonus offers to the users. Choosing a web platform for bitcoin trading will allow you to earn free bitcoin. You can earn free crypto currency through signup. You can also earn them by referring the web exchange platforms to others. Choosing the right platform is the key for starting trading in secured manner.